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Genesis® Bromine Generator for Spas (Salt generator)

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Genesis® Bromine Generator for Spas (Salt generator)

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The Genesis brand automatic bromine generator is the smartest, safest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your spa safe and sparkling clear! Hot tubs maintained by a Genesis system are virtually maintenance free and use less chemicals. The technology, while taking years to develop, is easy to understand, easy to use and is totally hands free.


Hot tubs maintained by The GENESIS Device are virtually maintenance free, and greatly reduce cost and aggravation by eliminating the purchasing, transporting, storing and handling of bromine tablets and other chemicals. \r\n\r\nThe popularity of the GENESIS Device is growing rapidly and is quickly becoming the choice of many of the industries prime spa manufacturers.\r\n\r\nThis bromine generator system electronically creates bromine via an electrolytic process thus eliminating the need for conventional bromine tablets and the support ancillary chemicals they necessitate.\r\n\r\nImagine spa water that never requires bromine tablets, scheduled shocking, and is virtually self maintaining. The GENESIS Device has changed everything!\r\n\r\n

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