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Ultra Pure Ballast 01781-21 D1 Dimension One U.V. Ballast - ('98-Current)

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Ultra Pure Ballast 01781-21 D1 Dimension One U.V. Ballast - ('98-Current)

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U.V. Ballast - ('98-Current)\r\n(Also used on all Dimension One Spas with a Gecko Control)


All Chairman Models\r\nAll Diplomat Models\r\nExecuitive spas built until 1993\r\nAmbassador spas built until 1991\r\n1990 Baron\r\nAll Californian models\r\nElite spas until 1993\r\nPresident spas until 1993\r\nSeville spas built until 1995 and 2004-present\r\n1994-1996 Colosseum\r\n1994 Tempest\r\n1995-1997 Luxxor\r\n1996, 1997, 2000-present Aurora\r\n1996-1997 Sedona\r\n1996-1997 Taos\r\n1996-1997 Tiburon\r\n1998-present Nautilus\r\n1997 Santiago\r\n1998-2007 Aurora II\r\n1998-2009 Chairman II\r\n2000-2009 Triad II\r\n2000-2011 Arena\r\n2000-2002 Interlude\r\n2000-2003, 2010-present Triad\r\n2001-2003 Caliente\r\n2002-2008 Aquafit 19 DT\r\n2003-2006 Sarina Bay\r\n2004-2006 Lotus Bay\r\n2005-2006 Dupree Bay\r\n2008-present Nautique

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