Aqua Finesse® Filter Cleaner Tablets

Aqua Finesse® Filter Cleaner Tablets

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Aquafinesse filter clean tablets.  

Aquafinesse filter clean tablets are a revolutionary product from the makers of the Aquafinesse Spa system.   Used effectively, they attack the biofilm that forms over your filters, allowing them to work better and last longer.

How does it work?

Fill a bucket with water.  Add two Aquafinesse filter clean tablets to the water, then drop your filter in the bucket.  LEave it there for one hour or longer, up to overnight.  The enzymes in the tablets will break down the biofilm, leaving your filters better able to capture bacteria and waste.  

Clean your filters with a hose once a month for best performance, then use Aquafinesse filter clean tabs once every three months to keep your spa sparkling and fresh.