AquaFinesse® Pool Puck For Swimming Pools
AquaFinesse® Pool Puck For Swimming Pools

AquaFinesse® Pool Puck For Swimming Pools

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AquaFinesse™ strength comes to help your swimming pool. This is the effective chemical for treating swimming pool bio-films.

AquaFinesse™ Pool Pucks are concentrated, patented tablets that effectively remove built-ups of bio-films - including pool mold - on pool surfaces as well as inside impossible to reach pool plumbing.

Bio-films appear to be the source of most pool water problems especially since up to 99% of all pool bacteria can be found in these bio-films.

Evidence shows that water treated with AquaFinesse™ Pool Pucks and your choice of sanitizer - works with chlorine, bromine, Baquacil, PristineBlue, Soft Swim, Nature2, Sustain, salt, anything - will dramatically cut the sanitizer use, aid in better balanced water, aid in softer water, keep your pool's surfaces & equipment cleaner, leading to less overall pool maintenance.

Why? When you remove the bio-film, you eliminate the areas where so many problems start - in the pipes & plumbing lines plus all those hard to reach or hidden areas in the pool.

GREAT for use with Swim Spas.

Easy to use - just drop 1 AquaFinesse™ Pool Pucks per 7,500 gallons of water (for first time use, use 1 puck per 5,000 gallons the first week or two, then go to the lower dose) into your skimmer and 1 into a floating dispenser and let them work.

Effective - AquaFinesse™ Pool Pucks thoroughly remove bio-films that your filter can properly remove from the pool and pool system. When treating a severely infected pool, it is best to thoroughly clean the filter with AquaFinesse™ Filter Cleaner tablets (cartridge or DE filters).