Aquafinesse® Spa Clean tablet

Aquafinesse® Spa Clean tablet

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What are Aquafinesse Spa Clean tabs?  

Aquafinesse spa clean tabs are a revolutionary new tool to keep your spa looking great and keeping clean between refills.

Draining your spa regularly is a great way to keep your spa clean and your equipment in good working order. However, even when you completely drain your spa, there is still water left over in the plumbing, and that water can carry the same bacteria and waste as the tub itself.  

Aquafinesse spa clean tabs take care of that. 


Before draining your spa, drop in one Aquafinesse spa cleaning tab and run the pump.  As it dissolves and makes its way through the plumbing system, it kills bacteria and removes biofilm.  Once you drain your spa, you have a truly clean spa, inside and out, preventing problems down the line.